We see our strength in our ability to provide focused 
and targeted advice, and in our independence.

AMC Economics specialises in the application of microeconomics to antitrust and merger control.


Within antitrust, AMC Economics assists clients with economic advice in inquiries of potentially anti-competitive agreements under Article 101 TFEU (and similar national provisions) and abuse-of-dominance investigations under Article 102 TFEU (and its national equivalents), as well as sector inquiries and market investigations.

Its industry expertise spans the economy, from chemicals, FMCG, Internet-related services, media (print, digital), mining, music, pharmaceuticals, and various manufacturing to many liberalised sectors such as energy (electricity, gas), telecoms (fixed, mobile), transport (bus, rail, air), and water.

In addition to first-class qualifications, its advice reflects experience* from a series of confidential cartel and abuse-of-dominance investigations (relating to predation, margin squeeze, bundling, and similar potentially exclusionary conduct, as well as excessive pricing), and several market investigation cases.  Highlights include:

- cases under Article 101 or 102 TFEU

  • Android
  • Google
  • Hotel Portals
  • Motorola Mobility (SEPs)
  • Post Danmark

- market investigations and sector inquiries

  • Private Healthcare
  • UK Airports
* Includes case experience gained under previous employment at firms other than AMC Economics.

Merger Control

In relation to merger control, AMC Economics advises on horizontal and non-horizontal mergers, with regard to issues such as market definition, the relevant counterfactual (including the failing firm defence), non-coordinated and coordinated effects, upward pricing pressure (UPP) and illustrative price rises (IPRs), vertical foreclosure, conglomerate effects, and efficiencies.

Its analysis is informed by experience* from defending many high-profile transactions, such as:

- phase II cases at the European Commission

  • Oracle/Sun
  • Thomson/Reuters
  • Constantia/Kronospan
  • Inco/Falconbridge
  • DONG/Elsam/E2

- phase I cases at the European Commission

  • EDF/Segebel
  • British Energy/EDF
  • Invitrogen/Applied Biosystems
  • Nokia/Siemens

- cases in European member states

  • British Salt/New Cheshire Salt Works (UK OFT and Competition Commission, now the CMA)
  • Mitsubishi Rayon/Lucite (German Bundeskartellamt)
  • Nuon/Reliant (Dutch NMa, now the ACM)

Other Services

AMC Economics also provides analysis and advises on strategy in other contexts, such as litigation and arbitration proceedings, or investigations before sectoral regulators such as Ofgem, Ofcom, Ofwat, ORR, and the CAA.

The services provided by AMC Economics typically do not extend to testimony, whether in written or oral form.  They also comprise neither legal nor investment advice.